CHAIRPERSON:           Estelle Lamaire              (905) 722-5795


COMMITTEE:               Blair Gillies, Barbara Munro, Richard Munro, Tom Gibson, Orval Jordan, Anne Pegg


PRIZE MONEY:            1st = $5.00; 2nd = $4.00; 3rd = $3.00

BEST IN SHOW:           $25.00


The General Rules of the Sutton Agricultural Society shall apply.




  1. Antique articles must be at least 60 years old.
  2. Special Note: The Committee feels we must advise exhibitors in this division that you exhibit at your own risk. We have never had a breakage or theft of any exhibit and will continue to do our utmost to return your exhibits in the condition in which you bring them. However, in view of the rising value of antiques and the growth of the division, we feel that you must be forewarned that ALL EXHIBITS IN THIS DIVISION ARE SHOWN AT OWNER’S RISK!CLEAR GLASS:
  3. Piece of Daisy Pattern
  4. Thistle Pattern
  5. Maple Leaf Pattern
  6. Compote
  7. Covered Butter Dish
  8. Door Knob




  1. Piece of Corn Flower
  2. Green Depression Piece
  3. Crackle Glass
  4. Comport
  5. One piece of “Jack in the Pulpit”
  6. Floral Vase




  1. Shaving Mug
  2. Mustache Cup
  3. Piece of Flow Blue
  4. Teapot
  5. Oil Lamp
  6. Floral Cup and Saucer



  1. Crumb Tray and Brush Set
  2. Ladle
  3. Pie Server
  4. Napkin Ring
  5. Cuff Links

24    Trophy


  1. Garden Book
  2. Household Hints and Remedies
  3. Mustard Pot and Spoon
  4. Belt Buckle
  5. Wood Planer
  6. Corn Planter
  7. Buck Saw
  8. Powder Flask
  9. Camera
  10. Mantle Clock
  11. Nutmeg Grater
  12. Coffee Grinder
  13. Paper Weight
  14. Game Board
  15. Garden Utensil
  16. Carpenter’s Tool
  17. Iron Stone Pitcher
  18. Milk Glass
  19. Knife Bones
  20. Inscribed Bread Board
  21. Mechanical Toy
  22. Lighter (no fuel)
  23. School Stamp
  24. Wire Kitchen Utensil
  25. Stump the Judge
  26. *****Youth Entry: 18 years & Under
  27. A) Grandma’s Heirloom
  28. B) Grandpa’s Heirloom



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