Jr. Ambassador Maddi Grossi and Jr. Runner-up Brooklyn Foster, and Sr. Ambassador Kessa Iddison and Sr. Runner-up Emma Somerville

Ambassador Programs

CHAIRPERSON:           Meghan Somerville      (905) 251-0792 or mcsomerville@live.com

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Senior Qualifications, Rules and General Guidelines, Application, Nomination, Sponsorship (PDF, 36KB)


Junior Qualifications, Rules and General Guidelines, Application, Nomination, Sponsorship (PDF, 36KB)

Qualifications, Rules and General Guidelines

    Competition is open to single men and women who will be 18 years of age on or before Aug 1st, 2019 and have not reached their 24th birthday by Labour Day.
    Contestants must live within a 40 km radius of Sutton!
    Successful candidates have the opportunity to receive a bursary to be used toward any aspect of post secondary education.
    The Ambassador will represent the Sutton Agricultural Society locally and provincially for a year.
    The program provides many opportunities to be a leader in the community as well as many networking opportunties across the province for the entire year (including competing at the CNE)
    Competition is open to Georgina youth 11 – 14 years of age as of August 1st, 2018
    Develop and strengthen public speaking and leadership skills.
    Opportunity to attend events in the community and represent the Sutton Agricultural Society throughout the year.
  2. Contestants must be available to carry out duties for the 4 days of the Sutton Fair and for the 12 month period following the Fair. Contestants are asked to disclose any scheduling conflicts already known to them, to the Ambassador Committee, prior to the commencement of the competition. Scheduling conflicts include work, school, or personal plans (eg. travel plans).
  3. Contestants must be in good health and be able to meet the physical demands of the job until completion of their reign in August the following year.
  4. Judges will consider:
    1. Good character, poise, personality and charm
    2. Ability to join in and contribute to general conversation; any of the following qualifications will be considered in this area:
      1. General knowledge of the Fair, Town and District
      2. General information about current affairs
      3. Any special talent in, but not limited to, 4-H, School Clubs, Junior Farmers, Fair related activities, arts, hobbies, music, drama, dancing, sports or leadership
  5. The public competition will be held on Thursday August 9th, 2018 at 3:30pm for Juniors and 6:00pm for Seniors on the Pavilion Stage; interviews will be held on the same day, prior to the competition. Contestants will be contacted in advance to confirm interview times and location.
  6. Each contestant will be expected to give a short prepared speech (approximately 2-3 minutes) on one of the following: Agriculture, importance of Agricultural societies, an aspect of the Fair or pride of place. Each contestant must provide the Ambassador Committee with a written copy of their speech.
  7. In the event the Ambassador cannot complete their year the 1st runner up will carry out his/her duties.
  8. The Ambassador is expected to attend and participate in the 4 days of the Fair at mutually agreed upon times. Scheduling conflicts must be disclosed to the competition (see rule #2). There will be a chaperone arranged to assist the Ambassador at specific times during the Fair. The role of the chaperone will be to escort the Ambassador to various functions.
  9. The Ambassador or Runner-up, while on duty, is expected to be attired appropriately. Business casual attire such as dresses, slacks, sweaters, dress shirts, suits and skirts is essential. No blue jeans are allowed. Appropriate footwear for walking and standing for long periods is essential. Only while on duty should the Ambassador and/or Runner-up wear their tiara and/or sash.
  10. The Ambassador of the Fair will be expected to represent the Fair at various functions throughout the year including the convention of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies in February. The Society may choose to have the appointed Senior Ambassador represent the Fair at the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition in August 2019 if deemed advisable.

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