Music by Jayme Lynn Reed

You don’t have to spend much time with singer-songwriter Jayme Lynn Reed to appreciate her talent and sincerity as well as her feel-good story that continues to develop right before our eyes. A [...]

Tim Burr! Circus Lumberjack

Tim Burr is a crazy Canuck, an all around Canadian “Bud” who would rather show off his circus skills than do hard work eh! Hilarious, charming and engaging, audiences can’t help [...]

The Connors Brothers Music

Sitting at a kitchen table or in the front row of an amphitheater many people would have trouble telling you which place they’d rather experience The Connors Brothers live. This band was [...]

Aqua Dogs

Running Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Sutton Fair.  Water agility competition. Dock Diving What is dock diving? Well it’s a great activity that pretty much everyone can learn to do with [...]

Truck and Tractor Pull

Thursday Night. One word to describe this year’s Truck and Tractor Pull?   EXCITING!!! Watch Trucks and Tractors strained to their mechanical limits, performing feats you just [...]

Horse Pull

Come out to the race track on Friday night and see Light and Heavy Horses pulling weights in each of their classes.

Frog Jumping Contest

The frog jumping contest is interesting to watch if you have never seen it before.  It is an annual event at the Sutton Fair.  Children love to participate.  Some bring frogs they’ve been [...]

Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull

This is a popular event for children each year.  It’s also a popular event for parents and family to watch as the kids compete to pull the small sled across the full pull line.  Trophies [...]

Pet Contest

Come and participate in the pet contest.  Bring your pet to the fair.  See the rules and contest times on the Pet Contest competitions page.

Morgan Horse Show

Come to the Sutton Fair and Horse show to see the Morgan Horse and many other classes of Roadsters, Open Pleasure Driving (horse or pony) and Light Horses.  Check out all the horse show classes [...]

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