CHAIRPERSON:           Estelle Lamaire              (905) 722-5795


COMMITTEE:               Blair Gillies, Barbara Munro, Richard Munro, Thomasina Cameron-Jewell, Tom Gibson,

Orval Jordan, Anne Pegg


PRIZE MONEY:            1st = $5.00; 2nd = $4.00; 3rd = $3.00

BEST IN SHOW:           $40.00 sponsored by The Antique Committee


The General Rules of the Sutton Agricultural Society shall apply.



1.      Antique articles must be at least 60 years old.

2.            Special Note: The Committee feels we must advise exhibitors in this division that you exhibit at your own risk. We have never had a breakage or theft of any exhibit and will continue to do our utmost to return your exhibits in the condition in which you bring them. However, in view of the rising value of antiques and the growth of the division, we feel that you must be warned that ALL EXHIBITS IN THIS DIVISION ARE SHOWN AT OWNER’S RISK!


1.     Maple Leaf Cake Stand

2.     Finger Lamp

3.     Canadian Goblet

4.     Rose Bowl

5.     Piece of  “Bulls Eye” pattern

6.     Pickle Cruet




7.     Red Vase

8.     Piece of Ruby Glass

9.     Red Mug

10.   White Hen on a Nest

11.   White Hobnail Item

12.   Cranberry piece




13.   Toby Jug

14.   Piece of Staffordshire

15.   Coronation Plate

16.   Soup Tureen

17.   Bunnikin Dish

18.   Hair Receiver



19.   Berry Spoon

20.   Spooner

21.   Butter Knife

22.   Napkin Ring

23.   Baby Spoon

24    Cuff Links



25.   Sutton Post Card

26.   Sutton Main Street Scene

27.   Invitation to a Sutton Event

28.   Maple Sugar Mold

29.   Red and White Granite Ware

30.   Doll’s High Chairl

31.   “Sutton Grren Shirts” Memorabilia

32.   Sutton Chippewa Memorabilia

33.   Beaver Memorabilia

34.   Mouth Harp

35.   Hudson’s Bay Memorabilia

36.   Dinky Toy

37.   Set of Three Hockey Cards

38.   Potato Masher

39.   WW1 Memorabilia

40.   Valentine

41.   Stoneware “Pig” (foot warmer)

42.   Eatons Memorabilia

43.   Simpsons Memorabilia

44.   Corn Husk Doll

45.   Oldest License Plate

46.   Fountain Pen

47.   Inherited Item from Sutton with History attached

48.   1967 (50 years old) Cetennial Memorabilia

49.   150 Year Old 1867 Coin

50.   150 Year Old 1867 Legal Document


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