Kawartha Country Cloggers

Kawartha Country Cloggers first came together thanks to an advertisement for clogging lessons in Lindsay.

The group took more lessons at the Victoria Park Armoury until the instructor retired, at which point they set out on their own.

Their first show was at a real estate convention at the Admiral Inn.

“We practised and practised and practised; we were just terrified,” says Ms Langille.

Since then, they’ve performed for audiences ranging from three to four people all the way up to about 250, says Ms Langille.

Not all of the cloggers go to every performance, she says, adding the number who go depends on their schedules and the size of the show.

The women cater each show to what they expect the crowd to be like, says Ms Langille.

Come and see the Kawartha Country Cloggers at the Sutton Fair.