Aqua Dogs

Running Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Sutton Fair.  Water agility competition.

Dock Diving

What is dock diving? Well it’s a great activity that pretty much everyone can learn to do with there dog. Dogs and handlers will participate in an activity where dogs are measured on either distance, speed or height. We cover off activities and have the specialized equipment to teach all three. We’ve been teaching dock diving for over 10 years all over North America and we now have our own competition grade dock and pool unlike any in North America. The equipment is designed to handle everyone and every dog.

RUFFSPORT is owned and operated by none other than lead trainer and President, Heather McLeod.  Heather has had a lifelong love affair with dogs and their well-being.  This has led her to developing an extensive array of positive fun-loving programs based on her unequaled background of physical knowledge, dog training and dog sports. Here training skill set cross’s multiple sports from Agility, Disc, Dock Diving, and Flyball. She is also a fully certified dog trainer with over 10 years of real life situations she has helped people with from manners and behaviors including pulling on lead, jumping up, barking and guarding. She has the knowledge to ensure your dog is set-up for success and you have the knowledge needed to ensure continued success even after the training is completed.