2016 Presidents Message

Jason Kay - 2016 Sutton Fair President

Jason Kay – 2016 Sutton Fair President

Welcome friends, family and community members to the 161st Sutton Fair and Horse Show. With almost perfect weather last year we are back and excited for this years fair. The fair board members have worked hard to bring a variety of entertainment to our event for this year that

will be sure to please everyone of all ages. Our Junior ambassador program will be held on Thursday this year instead of the Friday giving the successful candidate the maximum amount of opportunity to attend all the events.

This years fair theme is “a touch of country”, which is perfect because even after all these years our fair still has its country traditions with our ever expanding livestock shows and displays. As well as modern aspects like Worlds Finest Midways and the ever popular demolition derby. Be sure to check out the displays in the Kin Hall and arena which is full of arts, crafts and culinary displays, or if you are up to the challenge enter in something you created of our own.

I am extremely proud to be part of this organization and want to thank all of the members, volunteers and sponsors for their countless hours of dedication. Without these people the fair would simply not be possible, and because of all their hard work it made my first year as presi- dent an amazing experience that I soon won’t forget. I hope to see everyone there!

Jason Kay

President Sutton Agricultural Society


Jenn McCabe – 2015 Senior Ambassador

Jenn McCabe - 2015 Sutton Fair Ambassador

Jenn McCabe – 2015 Sutton Fair Ambassador

Welcome to the 161st Sutton Fair and Horse Show

In my journey as the 2015/16 Sutton Fair Senior Ambassador; I’ve been given the opportunity to attend and participate in many events and celebrations in our community. I was honoured to accept on behalf of the Sutton Agricultural Society an Award of Merit. The town held an award ceremony and recognized numerous individuals and organizations for their volunteer efforts.

Memorable moments from my experience are attending the OAAS convention and the Sutton Fair Silent Auction. In the coming weeks, I will be preparing to represent the Sutton Agricultur- al Society as the 2015/16 Senior Ambassador at the CNE, competing with Ambassadors from fairs across Ontario for the title of Ambassador of the Fairs.

Let’s be on our way and enjoy cheering on young local talent at Georgina Idol, browsing dis- plays and watching to see the last car standing at the derby here at the 161st Sutton Fair and Horse Show.

Jenn McCabe



Mayor’s Message

Mayor Margaret Quirk

Mayor Margaret Quirk

On behalf of the Council of the Town of Georgina,l am pleased to welcome everyone to the 161st Sutton Fair and Horse Show!

This year’s fair theme is “A Touch of Country” which is what this annual fair is all about! There are horse and livestock shows to see, craft making and numerous competitions to showcase artistic and creative talents. There are various forms of entertainment – everything from musical performances, tractor pulls, animal shows such as barrel racing and horse pulls, and the always popular demolition derby. Let’s not forget all of the fantastic rides and challenging games to be found on the Midway as well!

The Annual Sutton Fair and Horse Show is a favourite event for residents and visitors alike and there is something here for everyone. Enjoy all that it has to offer!
Mayor Margaret Quirk