A member of Judo Ontario Ryudokan Judo Club was reestablished in Mount Albert, Ontario in 1998 by Sensei Terry Guiry,  with the help of Sensei Rob McMillan, now the Head Instructor and a long-time Keswick resident we have since moved to Keswick in 2008 and established a great Judo Club in Keswick and welcome the relocation.
Sensei Rob’s assistants are Liz Roach founder of World Masters Judo Championship and Helmut Krohmer a long time member of the previous Ryudokan Judo Club in Bradford. Our Junior  class instructor is Keswick resident Robin Roach a Commonwealth silver medalist in the Master’s division.
Our club consists of recreational and competitive players, students range from white belt to brown belts and consist of seasond players to beginner players, we welcome new students.

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